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Afternoon Class


A little about Ms. Rasha...​

Dear Parents, 

I am so excited to be teaching the afternoon Enhancement class this year. I was an aid for Ms. Thao and learned so much from her and now I can use all that knowledge and teach your child. Little about me, I recently graduated with my Associates Degree in child development and starting University this year to work on bachelors degree in child development. I have always loved to work with children, and I finally am able to do that since I started working at Grace Academy two years ago. Their smile and that amazing look when they are surprised at how a simple project is made makes my whole day worthwhile and lets me know I am making this child learn through happiness. Your child means a lot to me and I will do all that is in my hand to teach them and make them ready for elementary. 


Sincerely Ms. Rasha


Ms. Rasha's Favorite Quote: 

"Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture"

- Loris Malaguzzi


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